Clinical Education Program

SPECIAL NOTE: The Clinical Education Program will be on hiatus for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 academic years. For more information contact the Dean's Office at 701-777-2104 or view our Experiential Learning page for more details about opportunities available to students.

Welcome to the Clinical Education Program.

In our program, UND law students develop fundamental lawyering skills and values by engaging in legal advocacy on behalf of persons who otherwise would be unable to obtain legal representation. These experiences lead to marketable skills that can assist students in their post-law school job search.

Clinical Education students contribute to improving access to justice by providing lower income persons with the means to enforce existing legal rights and by promoting community-wide understanding of the laws protecting the rights of tenants and employees. Consistent with the law school’s mission, the Law Clinic course integrates opportunities to teach students the habit of reflection, the value of collaboration, and the importance of professional responsibility in the context of litigation and legal advocacy.