Transfer to UND Law

Students transferring into the UND School of Law will be given a class rank based on their cumulative GPA earned after completing one semester as a full-time student at the UND School of Law, and each semester thereafter. Cumulative GPA calculation will include all credits accepted from the transfer institution and all credits earned at the University of North Dakota School of Law and will be based on a 4.0 grading scale.

Transfer students from any law school must successfully complete the courses in the UND School of Law’s first-year curriculum and any other required courses or have successfully completed, as determined by the School of Law, substantially equivalent courses. Any courses not taken, including those deemed not substantially equivalent, must be completed after admission to the UND School of Law J.D. program.

What Do You Need to Transfer to UND Law?

  • Copy of your Credential Assembly Service Report from CAS or a copy from your application to your current law school
  • Official Academic Transcript from your current law school
  • Application for admission (including personal statement)
  • Letter of Good Standing from your current law school

UND Law will accept applications after a student has successfully completed at least one semester at their current law school. 

A final transcript and letter of good standing after your second semester is completed will be required to finalize the transfer process.

Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis.