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About the Journal of Law and Interdisciplinary Studies

We devote ourselves to transforming legal scholarship by providing an online forum for evolving, scholarly dialogues between practitioners and scholars from different fields. The forum fosters discussions about how the law influences our collective and individual experiences, and illuminates the effects of other areas of study on the law.

Edited by the Editorial Board, the Journal is comprised of students with interdisciplinary interests and commitment to scholarship. We select our members by issuing an inspirational prompt and then reviewing the applicants' responses.   

Our Advisors

Professors Patti Alleva and Gregory Gordon currently co-advise the Journal. We select advisor(s) every year who embody the Journal's mission and core values. We are excited to welcome Professor Eric E. Johnson as our advisor starting the fall of 2014.

The Inspirational Response

To assess best the applicants' mettle, we review their responses to the inspirational prompt. The inspirational response requires applicants demonstrate a nuanced understanding of the prompt and the prompt's connection to the applicants' views of law and interdisciplinary studies.

The Editorial Board is unaware of any other Law Review, or Law Journal, in the United States that uses a similar method to select its candidates.

"A Hitchhiker's Guide to The Thinker" was the 2013-2014 winter Inspirational Prompt. We received several exciting and unique responses.

Journal Membership

We review applicants' inspirational response and commitment to the JLIS when selecting members.

Any student in good standing with the University of North Dakota School of Law with successful completion of first semester Lawyering Skills may apply. For more application information on our Summer 2014 write-on, please contact any board member.