North Dakota Law ReviewVolume 87, Number 4 (2011)

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87 N. D. L. Rev. 475
Introduction: Avoiding Dutch Disease and Bad Policy Choices
- Owen L. Anderson

87 N. D. L. Rev. 485
North Dakota Expertise: A Chance to Lead in Economically and Environmentally Sustainable Hydraulic Fracturing
- Joshua P. Fershee

87 N. D. L. Rev. 507
Water Resources and Oil and Gas Development: A Survey of North Dakota Law
- Robert E. Beck

87 N. D. L. Rev. 535
Development's Victim or Its Beneficiary?: The Impact of Oil and Gas Development on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation
- Raymond Cross

87 N. D. L. Rev. 571
The Scenic Protections of the Clean Air Act
- John Copeland Nagle

87 N. D. L. Rev. 603
Minimizing Species Disputes in Energy Siting: Utilizing Natural Heritage Inventories
- Lee Paddock & Lea Colasuonno

87 N. D. L. Rev. 625
Federal Incentives for Clean Energy After Solyndra: A Post-Recovery Act Precipice
- John A. Herrick & Cara S. Elias

87 N. D. L. Rev. 691
Rethinking a Twenty-First Century Model for Energy Development
- A.L. Parlow

87 N. D. L. Rev. 703
The Fine Print Matters: Negotiating an Oil and Gas Lease in North Dakota
- Joshua A. Swanson


87 N. D. L. Rev. 717
EPA Launches Hydraulic Fracturing Study to Investigate Health and Environmental Concerns While North Dakota Resists Regulation: Should Citizens be Concerned?
- Heather Ash


87 N. D. L. Rev. 743
Fraud—Rights of Action and Defenses: Statute of Frauds Does Not Preclude the Assertion of a Deceit Claim
Irish Oil & Gas, Inc. v. Riemer, 2011 ND 22, 794 N.W.2d 715
- Christel Croxen


87 N. D. L. Rev. 761
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