American Constitution Society

The University of North Dakota School of Law’s American Constitution Society (ACS) seeks to “promote the vitality of the U.S. Constitution and the fundamental values it expresses: individual rights and liberties, genuine equality, access to justice, democracy and the rule of law.”

ACS is a professional legal organization promoting and facilitating discussion and debate of progressive public policy ideas and issues. ACS provides incredible networking opportunities for law students, legal scholars, lawyers, judges, and other legal professionals. Each year, ACS hosts a national convention in Washington, DC and invites law students and legal professionals from all over the country to attend!

ACS has approximately 200 law school student chapters and 40 lawyer chapters around the country.

American Constitution Society Board 2018-19

President: Paul Jensen

Vice President: Loni Bryantt

Secretary: Alexandra Carthew

Treasurer: Joseph Jensen


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Faculty Advisor: Professor Julia Ernst