Event Scheduling Instructions

Please read the full text before submitting your event to the UND Calendar.

Complete the following three steps to request the support necessary for your event and to have it listed on the UND law school calendar on the website.

  1. Room: Contact the staff in the Law School Dean's Office to reserve a room prior to submitting your event to the calendar
  2. Calendar: If you would like your event listed on the UND Law School calendar on the website, submit your event to the UND calendar system.  After clicking on the calendar link, click on the 'submit an event' button in the upper right hand corner of the page. Note: you will be asked to sign in and/or register as a user. It is critical that you select "Law" in the 'Events by College & School' drop down near the bottom of the form.  You must select "Law" to have it appear on our calendar.
  3. Support: If you require technology, posters or publicity, catering, or other support, please submit a Support Request Form.
    • Food/Catering:  If you will be providing food or refreshments at your event, no matter how large or small, it is required that you fill out the food agreement form.  You must fill out this form regardless if the law school, or your student organization is paying.
    • Technology: If you will need any sort of technology (powerpoint, screen, video or live stream, projector, etc.) please contact Mike Hanson, 701.777.2484 or michael.j.hanson@UND.EDU
    • Publicity:  If you need help marketing your event, we can help.  Please fill out the support request form, or contact Beth Moe at 701.777.2282 or beth.moe@email.und.edu at least 14 working days prior to needing materials.  We can design posters, email graphics, and can help market your event through our social media.

If you have questions about this process, please contact Beth at 701.777.2282 or beth.moe@email.und.edu or Rob at 701.777.2856 or carolin@law.und.edu