Enhance Your Education

Find your passion through our numerous student opportunities for Moot Court and Trial Team Competitions.

At the School of Law, we encourage you to engage in activities that will help you prepare to become a practicing attorney.  Participation in on one of the Moot Court or Trial Competition teams will help you enhance your practical lawyering skills.  At UND Law, we offer opportunities for both internal and external competition experiences. Our alumni attorneys and judges are committed to making UND's law students better, so they take an active role in coaching and judging competitions.

Moot Court 

Each year the Moot Court student board organizes an internal competition for second- and third-year students. Teams will battle to the final argument, which is annually judged by the full North Dakota Supreme Court.  In addition to internal competitions, our students participate in competitions across the country.  Typical locations include Washington D.C., Los Angeles, West Virginia, Arizona, New York, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.  Learn more about opportunities for you through our Moot Court Association. Our students have received several awards and recognitions through the years. 

Trial Team

UND Law also has internal and external trial competition opportunities for our students.  Student teams compete and have had success in the regional trial competition each year.  Typically we have a first-year team compete in the national Phi Alph Delta competition. This year's team of 1Ls finished second in the competition as the only team with first year students.  

We also hold the annual Carrigan Cup Trial Competition, an internal trial competition for our students. The finals are typically judged by a distinguished panel.  This year's competition was judged by Eighth Circuit judge and UND alumnus Ralph Erickson. Many students interested in trial competition opportunities participate in our Student Trial Lawyers Association. In February UND Law hosted the regional competition. You can learn more about that below.